Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for Transportation and Logistic Companies
easyGO.CRM© by Harbor Technology

It’s much more effective to stabilize existing customer relationships than gaining new customers. A KPMG study proved that 80% of customers are willing to change vendors. For this reason also companies within the transportation and logistic industry are trying to improve the customer relationship. The quality of customer management decides whether a company is successful or not.

easy.GO.CRM is the first Intranet-based CRM system specialized to the needs of the transportation and logistic industry. The browser-based system contains all data required for planning and performing customer oriented activities.

With user-independent license cost and unlimited company wide usage easy.GO.CRM offers second to none economic and functional advantages. Until today just a few logistic companies were in a position to gain advantages from CRM applications. Most of these solutions were far to complex and expensive for transportation companies. And they are not 100% Intranet-based solutions.

Main Features of easy.GO.CRM (bilingual: German/English)

• Access Restrictions
o Detailed user access profile
o Access based on user role (Import/Export, Dept. Manager, selected Countries, etc)
o Access can be restricted to selected customer data
o Any of the following function/sub function can be excluded from access

• Key Account Management
o Company Interrelationship Management
o Integration of customer data with legacy systems
o Variety of selection alternatives (import/export customers, import/export countries, dangerous goods, FCL/LCL customers, etc)
o Serial letters and fax – Integration with MS Word or other office systems
o Mass mailing – using any available e-mail system
o Automatic Reminder Function for customer contacts, subject references and contracts ending ,etc

• Logbook
o Customer/prospect contact protocol
o Access to customer contact person
o Setting reminder function for next activity
o Access to all related documents with key-word based global search

• Relations
o Maintenance of all transport relations
o subcontractor (trucker) information
o competitor information

• Contact Persons
o arbitrary number of contact persons
o selection of contact person by location
o Personal data of contact person (birthday, present level, etc)

• Transportation Addresses
o Loading addresses
o Loading Instructions
o Delivery addresses
o Delivery Instructions
o Delivery/Loading Window
o Contact person assigned to address

• Pre- Carriage/On-Carriage
o Subcontractor assignments
o Pre-/On-Carriage prices for assigned subcontractors
o Customer/Trucker Relationships

• Standard Operational Procedures
o world wide access for authorized partners
o shipping instructions
o packing instructions
o delivery instructions
o documents

• Insurance Information
o centralized pool for insurance data

• Customs Data
o Customs Procedure
o Customs Office
o Customs Tariff

• Centralized Documentation Pool
o Authorized decentralized access to all customer related documents
o keyword based global search function (global or customer oriented)
o Standard documentation directory for all customers/prospects
  • Proposals
• Contracts
• Visit reports
• Letters
• E-mails
• other documents

• Liquidity Information
o Analysis of customer payment behavior
o Comparing payment behavior against selected customer category
o Account Receivable interface (WEB Services)
o Open invoices
o Revenue potential

• Contract Management
o Maintenance of contract data
o Data transfer from proposal data
o Runtime control
o Reminder function for ending contracts
o Data transfer to budget planning

• Budget Planning and Control
o Company related budget structure
o Budget planning
  • Customer
• Customer relations
• Branch
• Profit center
• Product
o Budget comparisons
  • Selected customers
• Branches
• Time periods
• Products

• Revenue Analysis
o Revenue details / customer
o Revenue details for related companies
o Revenue comparisons previous year
o Revenue comparisons for selected customers
o Revenue comparisons within customer categories
o Product Revenue

• Quantity Analysis
o TEU / Customer
o TEU /Relations
o TEU / Time period
o Plan / Actual Comparison

• Sales Support
o Maintaining Contact Data
o Tracking sales activities
o Monitoring follow-up activities
o Create and send personal letters, facsimiles and e-mails
o Managing sales pipeline
o Forecasting tools
o Calendar for scheduling sales activities

All functions installed on a WEB-server. User access with Internet-Browser. Integration to legacy applications via WEB-Services. No redundant data entry..

Remote Installation, adjustment and maintenance by Harbor Technology Group.

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