Reverse Auction - Bidding for Electricity Power Requirements

Selling electricity via Internet. The system is based on workflow oriented processes. Its connecting the customer via a broker with the electricity company.

The customer asks for a bid for his electricity requirements. The broker receives this request on his Internet Portal and passes it to competing electricity companies. These companies bid on this request. They can see the price of competing bidders and can try to get the contract by giving a lower price. The lowest bidder will normally getting the contract.

After the auction is finished the customer is informed by the system about the prices received from the participating electricity companies. He can select a bidder and the system sends this information to the electricity company. Based on the price and volume data the electricity company is sending a contract to the customer. After signing the contract the customer sends a confirmation to the Internet Portal.

The complete process is running paperless from customer via broker to the electricity company.

In addition the customer can outsource the checking of the electricity bills. The system offers such a service by using a special module. It is checking the bill and releases the bill for payment or blocks it.

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