Order Tracking and Information System

The Order Tracking and Information System (OTIS) was designed to track shipments from the moment the user of the system takes over responsibility for the shipment until the goods are delivered to the consignee or to the Final Receiver or released to a third party for further distribution. As expressed by the name of the system its far more than a pure tracking system. It contains complete order information.

Beginning from order header data, describing from where to where an order has to be shipped, the system contains detailed order data of all items contained in this order. The user can search for orders by using a variety of search arguments – such as Port of Loading, Port of Discharge, ETA, description of goods, etc.

Depending on the progress of a specific transportation process corresponding dates are assigned to the shipment.

Everybody involved in the transportation process, shipper or consignee, can get access authorization and receive information of a shipment status.

Delays are displayed by the system. Also the availability of customs documents can be checked. An integrated email system allows to send mails automatically to pre selected mail receiver, informing about delays.

OTIS is a browser operated application. Browsers should be Microsoft Explorer or Netscape Communicator 4.5 or higher. Previous versions can create incompatibilities on the clients connected to the application server.

As there are no leased or owned communication lines from decentralized users to the central application server the access cost are only the equivalent of a local telephone call. The INTERNET is a public network accessible around the world and allowing low cost data transmissions.

One of the outstanding features of the application is the role based security. This features make sure that every user only accesses data he is authorized to. A registered user is assigned to a user role.

The role he is assigned to makes sure that he only sees screens assigned to this role and consequently only can operate on functions and access data that are assigned to this role..

In the HTG Order Tracking and Information System the following roles are implemented:

• Supplier (shipper)
• Consignee
• Sending Office (transportation company)
• Receiving Office (transportation company)
• Final Receiver
• Application Administrator
• System Administrator

Order data will be transferred from operational systems to the HTG Order Tracking and Information System. No duplicate data entry required.